Corporate Funding

Term Loan & Working Capital Limits

Term loans are provided by lenders for greenfield and brownfield products. This is provided for a fixed tenure and is repayable in montly quarterly and half yearly installments. We arrange term loans from nationalized and private banks like SBI, BOB, UBI, HDFC, kotak Bank, etc.

Working capital Limits can help a company in financing inventories, managing internal cash flows, supporting supply chains, funding production and marketing operations, providing cash support to business expansion and carrying current assets.

Every corporate/firm/entity requires working capital finance to meet the entire range of short-term fund requirements that arise within their day-to-day operational cycle.

There are many types of working capital finance. It is broadly classified into Fund Based Finance and Non-Fund Based Finance depending upon the requirement of industry, trade and service sector. Following are the key ways of working capital financing

Debt Swapping

Swapping, at lower rate of interest is available to the companies who are already availing an existing facility i.e. term loan or Cash Credit limit from Banks and Financial institution, but at a higher rate of interest. We arrange Debt swapping facility at a lower rate of interest.

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