Mutual Fund

Moksha Finance will provide you ‘freedom’ [Moksha] from your financial worries. We are here with our advance tools to plan your finances.

Customised Investment Portfolios

Handpicked portfolio of well researched mutual funds, ready to invest.

We'll help you build an investment portfolio that perfectly syncs with your goals & risk profile.

Advanced Analytics

Say bye to reading boring & lengthy reports to figure out how well your money is doing. We offer smart analytics in fun & easy to understand graphs to easily make sense how well you're doing!

Invest and redeem with just a click 24*7

Safe & secure transactions

Your funds are routed through the BSE platform, and do not even touch our bank accounts.

Smart Algorithms

Smart algorithms suggesting the best time to redeem funds.

We'll continuously monitor your portfolio & suggest changes as per market scenario. All you have to do is click to approve.

Our team is always there for you !

  • We're a team of finance veterans, Chartered Accountants and CFA.
  • We're in continuous touch with the experts of the industry, to make sure your portfolio is in sync with the market scenario at all time.
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