Project Finance

Manufacturing Unit

Setting up a manufacturing unit requires funds from various sources and as such promoters/owners may not be able to fund the entire project on their own. The entire manufacturing unit cost is taken into consideration except land and funding can be arranged upto 75% of the project cost. Primary security would be the project and the collateral security requirement will be based on various criteria’s such as company profile, nature of business, industry, demand, promoter’s background etc.

Builder Finance

A very attractive and customized project-specific funding at a cost-effective interest rate can be arranged for Real Estate Builders and Developers based on their estimated cash flows for construction of a particular project. Construction finance is given for construction of one specific project and is to be utilized strictly for the same project. The funding can be structured and customized according to the needs of the builder’s requirement. The funding arrangement will be to the maximum value of the project. The kind of projects where funds are arranged include construction on freehold land, SRA Projects, Redevelopment Projects, Joint Ventures etc..


Each infrastructure project is unique and has its own cash flow needs and hence requires customized funding solutions. We at Moksha understand the project and its cash flows in detail and accordingly arrange the most cost effective finance. Our financial solutions includes Bank guarantee, LC, Working capital solution and equipment finance. Tenure for such projects could range from 1 year to 15 years and moratorium period can also be provided based on the project cash flows.