Loan Against Property Meet your business or personal needs with lowest rate LAP

Let Your Property Help You Pursue Your Dreams

Our LAP loans are available to both Self-Employed as well as Salaried borrowers for a wide range of needs including business requirements, funding marriage, higher education, health treatment, property purchase, construction or renovation, repayment of previous loans or a mix of these. With attractive…offer loans against all types of properties.

Key Benefits of Loan Against Property

  • Generate additional income from an otherwise idle property
  • Withdraw money as per your need and save on interest cost.
  • Flexibility to withdraw money deposited earlier.
  • Very Competitive rate of Interest
  • Can be availed either as overdraft or demand loan as per your need.
  • Deposit surplus money / regular income / salary and save interest.
  • Loan available Upto Rs.10.00Cr

Your home can be your shield. Get finance against it.

Eligibility Criteria for Loan Against Property

  • AGE: Individuals with minimum age of 21 years and maximum upto 65 years can apply.Education Qualifications – Graduate and above
  • TENURE: Banks give loan upto a period of 15 years depending upon your age
  • LTV: Banks typically give mortgage loan for a LTV of 60-70%.
  • ITR: For self employed, business existence of minimum 5 years and ITR of 3 years is required
  • CIBIL: Bank consider 650 and above credit score to be eligible for mortgage loan
  • Note: In case of low CIBIL score, you can be eligible for few banks or NBFCs with some additional conditions like higher interest rate and higher margin

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