Retail Loans


We get the additional benefit of the properties given on lease to the credible companies by getting the funds from banks and NBFC's against future rent receivables today at very competitive rate of interest and can use it either on your business or on acquiring new properties or any other use.

We are expert in getting the loan approved for long term even longer than the lease terms on the basis of soft commitments from the lessee. We deal with all top Nationalize, Private, Multinational Banks and NBFC's for their product and also offer 100% loan amount of the property value.


A loan that generally involves highly complex financial transactions obtained from many large financial institutions for companies with very unique financing needs. Without any collateral, we can arrange these funds on the basis of financial performance of the companies. Funds will be arranged through Banking and Non-Banking Financial Organization. These funds can be used for any business purposes. We can provide unsecured loans up to INR10 Crs.


Buying a home is one of the most important and emotional decision of one's life, we understand the importance of buying home and we do a special research based approach while borrowing a Home Loan for our clients. Borrowing pattern is very important in a home loan as the liquidity, loan Repayment ability is not the same with all clients. We arrange various types home loans wherein EMI can also be structured based on future expected income. The loan to value ratio could range from 70% - 80%.


Every Businessman wants to buy his own office but taking liquidity out from business and buying a office looks a way difficult. This product is the answer. Clients need to contribute 25% of the property agreement value and the rest 75% will be funded by the bank .The property gets transferred on the buyer's name. We suggest our clients to take pre approval of commercial properties, purchase loans and then search property accordingly which always helps to negotiate Good deals as the seller understands that by having a pre sanctioned loan you can pay it immediately also with good discounts as a market trend.


This nature of funding can be arranged against shares of listed companies wherein the shares are pledged to the financial institution. The funds can be utilized for any business purpose.

Placement of Shares

This facility is offered to promoters against their shareholding in their listed company. It enables you, as a promoter of the company, to increase your shareholding or expand and diversify into other areas of business.

Promoter's Funding is offered to promoters of the companies against their shareholding in their company. With the help of this facility the promoter can increase the shareholding or use in expansion and diversification of the business.

This is more commonly used as a promoter's funding arrangement.


  • Loan available against existing promoter holding
  • Margin at 50% - 75% (depending on the risk profile of the business and the stock)
  • Tenor at 1 to 3 years
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Simple Documentation


  • Increase promoters holding in the business with the use of existing stake.
  • Liquidity requirement for expansion and diversification of business.
  • Easier and faster processing.
  • Promoters do not have to liquidate their holdings to meet short-term cash requirements.
  • Promoter can increase their stake through buying at lower price.
  • Minimum Regulatory Paperwork and fast Processing.

Pledge of Shares

When you have shares of a listed or unlisted company unless which you can be funded and can utilize that particular fund for any purpose.


  • Liquidity requirement for expansion and diversification of business.
  • Cost Effective


Loan against property is one of the preferred way of raising funds against a residential or commercial property by the way of giving it to banks or institutions as mortgage. We are expert in structuring loan against property deals for our clients according to specific requirements such as Long Re payment schedules, flexi Repayments. The funding can be arranged up to 75% of the value of the property depending upon various factors.